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MALA handworks

MALA handworks clothes are simple, unique and elegant. 

And are handmade from quality fabric and rich dye colors.

They are hand sewn with care and made to last.

Tie Dye patterns are individually tied and dyed and each is one of a kind.

All items are original designs with materials that I buy and are made by me and my team. 

You are supporting a USA small, woman owned, business and my team of family and friends.

I made my first kaftan when I was 7 years old, in my small home village in Northeast Thailand. The women in my village were known for making handmade fabrics and turning them into beautiful garments. So being surrounded by this helped me learn the skills of crafting fabric and clothes early in life. As I grew up my passion for making kaftans grew along with my drive to be an entrepreneur. I was constantly working and bettering myself to make the best products possible.

Even though designing clothing has always been my passion, making it my full time job was realized when my husband and I moved to Maryland, USA, where I invested my savings in materials and started an online site to make my dreams a reality.

My shop started out very small with myself as the only worker and has grown since. We are still a small online shop, with a small team . This is my true passion and I want to make the best products I can to share with the world, that is why my team and I pride ourselves on quality and comfort. I want to be sure I carry on the traits the women of my village taught me not so long ago.

Thank you for supporting my dream!

We are located in Hollywood, Maryland USA and are an online only shop.